Bahtinov Masks


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Focus accurately in seconds!
Bahtinov masks are a invaluable tool for all astrophotographers and even visual astronomers! They sit on the aperture of your telescope of lens and create diffraction spikes to accurately display your current focus. When the centre spike is aligned you are in perfect focus.

These masks are fitted to your telescope with variable posts and a protective silicone tubing.

Pick the mask that fits the size of scope or lens. Measure the diameter of the whole front of scope including dew shield! (See Image 2)
Made from black PETG

For orders requiring custom Bahtinov Masks to be printed for your particular scope make an enquiry at the Contact Page.

Example of a Bahtinov mask aiding focusing:

More info on Bahtinov Masks here

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100-135, 130-165, 160-195, 70-105, Celestron C6, Celestron C8, Celestron Edge HD 8", GSO RC8, ZWO Seestar S50